PMS Party

Some of the PMS clan girls were in town visiting Xbox HQ. Maj did a podcast with them and I took some pics. The girls are so dang hot they broke my camera! Seriously, now I have to hurry and get another one before E3. Any recommendations? My dead one is a 4 megapixel Cannon Elph.
Friday night e hosted a fiesta at his house. All the visiting PMS girlies were there: Twin, Tart, Jojo, V3nus, Kitty, Lady, Mary Jane, C3lla and Batgirl. Frag Doll Brookelyn and her Bungie boy came by, as did Xboxers Elle, Major Nelson, Bastelyon, Tonic, Paul Bunyan, BIGVIP, Racer X, and Rednex.
A good time was had by all. Bunyan taught me how to snap bottlecaps across the room. Batgirl and Kitty were not pleased with my richochets, but I managed to get a few in Racer X’s drink, and hit Tonic a couple of times (he owes me five bucks). Unfortunately, the serrated edge of the bottlecaps totally messed up my finger. Bunyan had to play medic when one particularly awesome shot drew blood. Then Kitty took all my bottlecaps away. She didn’t count on me digging them out of the garbage.
Once again Twin forced me to do shots. She’s equal parts awesomeness and evil! But I love her and ALL the great PMS girls. I would trade a year of my life to have Tart’s dimples or Batgirl’s butt. But of course they are not just pretty faces; they are awesome gamers, funny, nice, and very smart and we’re so lucky to have them on Xbox Live!
Have safe trips home ladies. I will see you at E3, if not before!

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  1. Just an FYI, if your camera just mysteriously stopped working and now only takes nothing but empty/black pictures, call Canon. I had that happen recently to my camera that I bought over 2 years ago and they fixed it for free due to a problem that has been showing up in some of their digital cameras. If it’s physically broken, then I’d say, "that sucks" and then I’d say stick with Canon. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them.

  2. If you want one that small but still takes great pictures I highly recomend the canon SD-450 or SD-400. They are the same camera just one has a bigger LCD then the other, both are 5 megapixle, with an ISO 500.

  3. sounds like the PMS ladies are cool and know how to get down.  Makes me feel better about defending them on different forums.  good times…

  4. Way to rip the ‘tards over on MN’s blog TriXie, you go girl.  And boot someone off your friends list you don’t play anymore, I’ve been trying to add you for weeks now!

  5. No pictures of the party? :-PThey are sweeties, aren’t day?I wish I had more contact with them, but my time zone does prevent me from plaing with them.I adore the iPMS too!*thanks for sharing*

  6. Hi Trixie,
    Just read a few of your comments on Major’s site about the PMS clan..I could tell you were pretty pissed, but you did leave an open invite in your post…Well I hope you keep your word.

    Over 4000 members, numerous smaller lan events that raised money for local charities, but our main lan will be in August in Chi-Town and the foundation we areraising money for is ALS.
    Here is a link to the lan event:
    Contact DoodiRock, he is the site admin and creator of 2old2play.

  7. I had no idea that the PMS clan changed their name from Psychotic Men Slayers to Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers. I like the new name… but I love no longer being slayed by the PMS girls. It has been a while since I last played against the PMS girls, but I still remember how well they played together… great images and MN did a great interview.

  8. Her camera stopped focusing when we were doing the podcast. I kinda got it to work a little better, but nothing that would be usable. So that’s why she doesn’t have picture – at the moment. Trust me, we have two girls, maybe three, who are Never without their cameras, so once thoes pictures start surfacting, we’ll get them passed over here.
    Trix, I’m just missing Cella’s stuff, and then I’ll send that to you and to Maj….he didn’t tell me he was putting us in THIS weeks podcast…>.<

  9. Ok. My iPod kept rebooting this morning, so I didn’t listen to MN’s podcast. I guess I missed it. Sounds like just another weekend for Trixie. She’s the party queen, right?

  10. Working on it at the moment 🙂
    There are some VERY interesting photos in the mix…including one of Maj and Trixie…
    And that’s ALL I’m saying….for now 😀

  11. I’m now officially jealous of not being anybody worth noting in the world of gaming   :p   heh heh heh  Looks like a great time was had by all.  (except for the bottlecap injury)

  12. OMG, that was sooo much fun!  BTW, I got face-painted by my loyal girls when I slept from, errr…exhaustion.!  Wait until I get you the pictures!
    I can’t wait to see you agian at E3!

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