Unsexiest Man named by Boston Phoenix

This just in: The Boston Phoenix has mistakenly revealed the World’s Most Unsexy Man to be Gilbert Gottfried.
Come on people; everyone knows that distinction belongs to Pauly Shore.
Here are my top ten UN-hotties. (Does that make them ‘coldies’?)
  1. Pauly Shore
  2. Dick Cheney (he may actually be an evil robot)
  3. Donald Rumsfeld
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Neil Young
  6. Rupert Murdoch
  7. Mickey Rooney (yes, he’s still alive)
  8. David Crosby
  9. This creeptastic freak I met on the plane to LA once
  10. Pauly Shore
Honorable mention to Michael Jackson. He’s uber-creepy, but I’m not positive he falls in the category of human male any more.
Ladies? Did I miss anyone?

13 thoughts on “Unsexiest Man named by Boston Phoenix

Add yours

  1. I don’t think it’s really fair to put older people on the list, like cheney.  Come on they’re old, they’re just old

  2. Ugliest man on the planet has to be Miyamoto from Nintendo.
    Sorry to Nintendo fans but, even though he is a genius, he frightens me.

  3. Feelz, those dudes aren’t on the list because they’re old; it’s because they’re gross! Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Robert Redford are all doable. Even Clint Eastwood.
    We’re talking sex appeal, not just looks. Steve Buscemi isn’t all that easy on the eyes but he’s funny and interesting, which makes him more appealing than, say, Uncle Dicky Dick Cheney.
    And don’t start on Neil Young’s musicianship. That’s just a no-go.

  4. They’re all ‘doable’? lmao…It’s nice to now have confirmed similar conversations of ‘doable’ men in other corporations like Microsoft than just the female co-workers conversations I accidentally walk into.
    Beyond Dick Cheney’s looks, I heard in the gaming world he is a lousy player for he constantly team kills.

  5. You missed..

    – Gary Busey
    – Randy Johnson
    – Tim Duncan
    – Billy Crystal
    – Jason Alexander 
    – Howard Stern

  6. You forgot Gheorghe Muresan.  Google that dude and you’ll see ugly.
    Oh, and Scott Stapp.
    And Billy Crystal/Robin Williams.  Have you ever taken a good long look at these guys?  Not pretty.

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