Da Vinci Code and other thoughts

At first I thought the two things I wanted to talk about were unrelated… but they’re actually completely related.
The first is the movie The DaVinci Code. Yes, it got bad reviews, but I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel wrong to me. The wrong things were wrong in the book too from what I recall. i.e. why would a Frenchman leave clues for his French granddaughter in English (pomme would have worked as well as apple).
The other thing is that once again the haters are bagging on the PMS clan. This time on Digg.com. I actually got a heads-up on this thread from none other than my matron saint OGHC who told me; "don’t worry about it. F*** ’em."
Here’s how the DaVinci Code and PMS bashing are related: They’re both about women being kept out of power. In gaming as in the church and in politics and in society as a whole. Apparently we’re supposed to look pretty and shut the hell up. We need to know our place! how dare we attempt to play with the boys?
Here’s the logic of these people: ‘The PMS clan only gets attention because they’re hot.’ ‘The PMS girls are not hot.’ Oookay, so then why are they getting attention? Could it be because they’re a huge sisterhood of gamers?
The problem is that there are a lot of gamers out there who think they should be plucked from obscurity on the basis that they own MS stock, or they’ve been playing games since they were five. YES, these gamers are important to us, and YES I have featured over 150 of them on Xbox.com. I don’t understand why people get up in arms over the ‘attention’ that these girls get.
You know what? In over 4 years at Xbox.com I have gotten complaints about ONE male gamer I profiled. But EVERY time I publish a story on a female gamer I get flame mail about how I only interviewed such and such gamer because she’s a girl. Go look at my Gamer Spotlight archive and count how many girls have been featured. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You can start with Esinrada–she was the first. And I believe the latest one was LuLu.
I don’t understand why the gaming community is so threatened by women. It’s not that they’re afraid to get beat by them–they say over and over girls don’t play as well. And don’t even talk to me about how it’s just PMS they object to, because it’s not. It’s women. And it bums me out. We may not be getting burned at the stake anymore, and hooray for us now we can do all the housework PLUS work 60 hours a week in the office. But damn, when I was a little girl my mom assured me that when I was a grown up a woman would be president and girls would be able to do anything.
Okay boys, commence flaming.


  1. As far as I can tell, all the bashing about women playing games comes from the same crowd the will always bitch and whine about how great their favorite gaming system in comparison to yours. And that is the 14-21 year old-ish male demographic. And 99% of these people have never held a conversation with a women other than their mother. I’d rack it up to insecurities with female interaction and the only way these boys know how to handle it is by lashing out.Just my viewpoint. I could be wrong.

  2. Hi Trixie,  I just finished a Table Tennis tournament and was chatting with PMS Fedaykin then decided to read your blog before going to bed.  I commend you on this blog and tell you that I honestly cannot fathom what goes through the veins of these fools who have problems with any woman playing games or doing anything else.  It plain sucks that some gamers have chips on their shoulders and create things like this.
    It was a blast to meet you at the C3@E3 party,  take care.

  3. First, I don’t care whether a gamer is male or female, young or old.  I just enjoy gaming with people who enjoy gaming respectfully.  Haters exists, whether it’s skin-color, sex, age, religious beliefs, or whatever.  The more you’re in the spotlight the more likely you’ll be a target of the haters.  I don’t think you can pin down the reasons why people are jealous and vicious.
    To the haters, spend more time on giving out good and less on the bad.
    To those hated, forgive and move on.  Don’t try to justifiy yourself, rather just live your life the best you can.  Be sure to check yourself and live humbly.
    There’s alot of energy wasted on the hate and just as much on those who feel hated.  This is a poison and by ignoring this will generally cause it to go away.
    Keep the good, exhile the vile.
    ~ Rainmaker2112
    P.S.  I won’t comment on the DaVinci Code, since as a history major I find it problematic to have an author say "all items, art works, etc are fact" and then fall back on this being "a fictional work".  There are tons of holes in the book and I felt like it was more hype by Dan Brown than great story-telling.  I won’t go into the holes, but there are plenty of books that point them out. 

  4. I have some articles (going under final touches at the moment) exactly about this senseless fight between boys and girls gamers.I do understand Rainmaker’s point of view and for the most, I follow this attitude as well, but before being girl gamers, we are all human beings from flesh and blood. Human being who sometimes are hurt badly and who also reach a point of needing to speak up our minds.I do hope it will end soon.Despite what the haters say, such attitude is not good for anyone, male or female, young or old gamer. Besides, the flamers don’t know what they are missing by avoiding not only the PMS Clan, but all female gamers.The gaming experience could be much funnier we all had fun together.About the DaVinci Code. I didn’t read the book and sincerely, I am not going to watch the movie either…That is the sort of hype that doesn’t interest me at all.*much love*

  5. I got to see the movie too and had a great time checking it out with my girlfriend. But you need to see the X-Men 3 movie!

    But I have a better question: Which one taste better? Country crock or I Can’t believe its not butter.

  6. I recently blogged about how my sister started to play UNO online, and how I’m unsure about letting her go on live because of the sexism and overall stupidity of some of the oaf’s on live. I showed her the feedback system and such. Now just the other night some guy’s started bashing on her during a game. It was a frickin’ game of UNO for heavens sake! I think that the community needs to do something. Like just pledge to leave appropriate feedback as much as possible. Maybe all these idiots will end up stuck playing with each other.
    Anyways, nice point Trixie, really gets me thinking.

  7. The problem isn’t the Live community as such, but merely reflects the society we’ve all created. Yes, we have all contributed to this male > female war, even the females themselves!
    We need to start evaluating how we bring up our children.
    For example Trixie, when you have a child, be it a boy or a girl, you’ll be raising that child in the same way you’ve been "programmed" so too speak. Even if your intentions are good, you’ll still probably treat boys as you back in your head think boys should be treated, and girls like you think they should be treated.
    Unless we change our behaviour when we raise our children, things’ll never change. Rememer, children do what we do, not what we tell them to do.
    Whenever I get children, I’ll try to notice if I start raising them in the "classical" way. But it’s hard, damn hard, to fight several years of what our upbringing have tought us. It’ll take a long time, but we can make changes one small step at a time.
    But just complaining about it like you have, won’t change anything, that’s for sure 😉

  8. I don’t think the the gaming community at large is threatened by women.  I think the backlash or ‘PMSgate’ is a result of E3 coverage and  how this group of young ladies has been treated like royalty simply because they are women.  The gaming community has been bombarded with reports featuring these women because some marketing person thought it would be a great way to grab some press.  Hell, I don’t even follow gaming news that closely and I’ve seen these women plastered all over the place (usually in sexy poses).  The women get free gear, free trips – the gaming world has been handed to them on a silver platter.  Why?  Because they are the best gamers?  No, because they are women.  The average gamer can’t reconcile why these women are not rewarded on merit like the rest of the gaming culture.  Whether true or not, the perception is that the PMS clan are women who happen to be gamers.  Not gamers who happen to be women.
    Again, I don’t think it’s women in general that most of the community is objecting to.  It’s the women that some corporate identities have chosen to represent their culture.  These compaines have either chosen to reward mediocrity or sexuality.  Neither one sits well with most people.

  9. Just one word  :   BULLSHITI love the PMS, and is great what they are doing to change the look and feel about gaming is for boys.I really dont care about the sex, i care about someone kicking my ass.

  10. Ok the whole PMS and DaVinci code relation is a huge stretch.  I’m
    so sick of the gamer girl debate, it’s just so old now.  I’m sick
    of people hating on PMS clan, yeah they are kinda hot, but seriously
    they’ve accomplished something pretty big.  It’s just funny,
    because it’s always the guys who say girls can’t play and need to get
    back into the kitchen that have the hardest time understanding why
    someone would start an all female clan.  95% of the girl gamers
    I’ve run into are really cool, I wish I could say the same about the
    guys.  I never had a girl cuss me out, or sing I like big butts
    the whole game.  I’d rather play with someone I get along with
    than someone who’s really good and is a pain in the butt.

  11. My 2 cents.  I have quite a few girls on my friends list, and while some of them may be potty mouths (not directed at TriXie, we’ve never played together yet!;) ),*cough*Christina*cough*, they’re a whole lot better to play against then a 12 year old racist screaming at the top of his lungs!!!ONE11ELEVEN!  More power to all the PMS girls, keep gaming and send me a friends invite if you’d like to play with some cool people sometime!

  12. Just a note that "These compaines have either chosen to reward mediocrity or sexuality" isn’t entirely accurate. Let me know when some company starts rewarding *sexuality* so I can get on that bus ;).
    (try "gender" next time)
    And we’re lucky to have TriXie around to call those girl-hating bozos to task.

  13. To whoever left the "optional" post.
    The PMS clan is as big a deal as it is not because of the sex of the gamers, or their skill level, its because of their ability to come together as a community. Not many clans show this kind of comraderie, male or female. Just embrace what we’ve got people, and stop the negativity. Clan PMS isn’t going anywhwere.

  14. I have to say I’m really surprised you get flame mail because you feature a girl gamer.  Why is it that people get all worked up over that?  A gamer is a gamer and thats all there should be to it.  As far as the PMS clan I tink they are all great.  Of all the times I’ve played against or with them they’ve been a great group as many people know.  I cant believe people still stick to the stereotype that only guys are gamers?  I thought that should have been gone a LONG time ago.  I love the spotlights, interviews and everything are great for the gaming community be it the PMS ladies, FragDolls or any clan.  Hopefully, people will begin to be more open-minded and all this will pass eventually.  No matter what people say you and all the Xbox.com staff have done a great job bringing attention to those that have made huge impacts on the gaming community regardless of sex. 

  15. My question:  Why do the dudes who stare at the dames at E3 and play Rumble Roses XX complain about you interviewing bimbo gamers?
    I have to say that the gaming community is far too asexual and this is why people complain when you interview said chicks.  Instead of reading about a chick with a raging set measuring 38D, they would rather read about some testosterone starved 20 something with pimples and a hair lip.
    I say if said chick with great package can kick ass … so be it.  Interview her.  Hell, post pictures, to.  I wanna see what she’s working with.
    I am all about girl gamers (just the ones that don’t look like lesbians).

  16. Nicely said Trixie.  The PMS clan are some of the nicest people you will come across.  I have recently started posting on thier forums and have never felt more welcome.  They give you tips, answer any questions you may have without the sarcasm that you may recieve from a lot of the male gamers.  I say it doesn’t matter if your a female or male gamer.   A gamer is a gamer and we should all be having fun with it, No matter if its Halo 2,  Perfect Dark Zero or Full Auto.
    Let me just say it was hard for me being a girl gamer starting out on Xbox Live, at first,  I would run into the males that would slam me for being a girl or cuss me out because I got a headshot in on them, or didnt even give me a chance to play they just kicked me from the room for being a girl. 
    I do agree with BM2 Love Angel and hope it will end soon.  I have meet some really great gamers on Live and want to thank them for making my Live Experience a fun and enjoyable one.

  17. This argument goes beyond women and games and into society as a whole.  The reality is that you can’t please everyone and trying to justify oneself only makes it worse.  This kind of hating extends to every race, creed, color, religion, etc and not just to one group.  While not wanting to minimize the hurtful comments that are bandied about, the reality is that no one is dying, no one is being tortured, no one is being forced from their homes and no one is fearing for their lives.
    Call these confessions of an Xbox geezer, but we need to live our lives as best as we can, help others when we can, pick our fights, work hard and enjoy the freedom we have.  This doesn’t justify the hate, but one nice part of the Xbox 360 is the feedback system, which we should all use more readily.
    Finally, I don’t think justification is necessary for who Trixie or anyone else chooses to spotlight, interview, or anything else.  It’s their choice and they and the game companies can choose who they want to represent them.
    End of story.

  18. Undoubtably they get attention because they are girls. But of course they do, they’re a bit of an anomaly. Not freak weirdo kind of anomaly but something ignored for the most part. Is it fair that they get attention for this reason? Of course it is, if they weren’t interesting we wouldn’t hear about it. Quite frankly, and of my own opinion. It’s the current stigma about female gamers that is the only thing holding them back. Video games are an equal playing ground where men can’t rely on their gender advantages in speed and strength. Women are shown to have advances in multi-tasking and prioritizing. I wouldn’t be surprised that as more women get into the playing field that we see a very equal playing ground and some women contenders of very elite status.

  19. Hey Trixie, thank you for the blog.  I know that I am on the receiving end of a great many comments because of my name.  Thankfully I have thus far met more very nice "guy" gamers than not.  Oh believe me I have had some of the nastiest things said to me that you can imagine but I know that not all guy gamers are like that.  What alot of the "haters" don’t know or seem to realize is that there have been "female" gamers for a very long time. My husband and I had an Atari when they first came out and I was hooked.  I love gaming and have for a long time.  I know that I didn’t game for quite awhile  when my kids were little, for various reasons but that love of gaming never left me and now my whole famliy games.  My husband and our daughter are enjoying Oblivion right now and my two sons and I play alot of halo2 as well as other games. We even have my fututre daughter-in-law gaming and she will soon have her own gamertag. 
    As far as the PMS Clan goes, I love it.  I have been a member of this clan for almost 16 months and I have met so many gamers both in the clan as well as because of the clan.  I think that the PMS Clan being around for so long is another great thing.  I have seen so many clans come and go but we have stayed and grown.  Thankfully as in my case you don’t have to be the "best gamer" to be a part of these ladies.  Good job as always Trixie.

  20. I really dont understand why some people fear girl gamers. They deserve more attention now then ever because they have been held in the shadows for to long. Its not like that, I know girl gamers who are way more hardcore then any men.
    I would be perfectly happy if you only featured girl gamers in the spotlight, what difference does it make, we all share one love, gaming.!!Ive met alot of the PMS girls, they are very sweet and down to earth, they deserve all the attention they receive.

  21. I believe whole-heartedly in what you’re saying hun =)
    You have made a very strong point and I think it isn’t one to be ignored. Being called names across xbox live actually hurts. Just because we don’t know you or can’t see you, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel any less welcome when you start abusing the hell out of us.
    I know not many people want to read a massive in-depth explanation, so I’m just expressing my support and thanks briefly.
    Good luck with the girl gamer group, I think it will be a raging success. =)

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  23. no one is fucking scared of girls in the gaming community. if we were it would be human nature to kill what we fear……and are you dead yet. i dont think women should be the  main charters in games (or at least i wont buy them[maybe pirate them])  cause im proud that i have a dick so maybe thats where you get this feelling like male gamers are arfraid of girls i the gamming community. and listen to what im saying GIRLS CAN DO WHAT EVER THE FUCK THEY WANT STOP BITCHING GOD DAMN. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE POPULAR OPINION THAT BOYS CANT HIT GIRLS BUT YOU STILL WANT MORE? OH YOUR GONNA GET MORE A DICK IN YOUR FACE

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