The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:
The Patron Saint of Plagues by Barth Anderson. Near future medical thriller. 2060s. Mexico is the most powerful nation on Earth under the Holy Renaissance dictatorship. A bioweapon is released. CDC dude to the rescue. Just futuristic enough to be cool (wetware, skycycles) but still familiar enough to resonate with those of us who live in 2006.
The Bad:
Sickness. Plague. Okay, it’s just a cold, but I rarely get sick and I’ve been lying on the couch all weekend surrounded by used Kleenex, crossword puzzles, trash magazines (fued between Heather and Denise!) and just feeling miserable. You can’t get good cold medicine anymore either. You want anything with pseudoephedrine you gotta submit to a strip search and sign your name in blood. Thanks a lot stupid meth-heads!!
The Ugly:
My pinkie fingernail. If you remember the crushing incident from a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know why my left pinkie is all disgusting and discolored. So I’m gonna paint my nails black and cover that sucker up! Genius!


  1. well I’ll send all my good thoughts and wishes your way.  You’re like the Queen of Xbox, and we need our Queen to be healthy.  God save the Queen!

  2. Ouch.  I hope you a little better in your time of misery.
      If it makes you feel better, just know that my little toe is all shredded up, swollen, and black and blue.  With a new beagle puppy I have baby gated my washer/dryer room into a luxary puppy pad.  Now I run a marathon over two baby gates each time I want to go from my bedroom to the kitchen and I constantly bang my toe on them.  Sadly the puppy’s ears have been tainted one too many times with a few four letter words. I also saddens me to say that it appears the pup has already picked up smoking as she constantly likes to chew on disgarded cigarette buds that my neighbor has thrown into my yard. 😦    God help me if Petsmart finds out and nullifies my adaption.

  3. My sickness is that I partied too much on Friday and Saturday and since last night I feel weird…I miss everybody!I ended up missing the XUG Girls Night too… That sucks!Well, a new week has started and I will be a nice girl again. :-P*hugs*

  4. I’m feeling your pain.  I’m not usually sick but am going on 3 weeks of being sick (sinus infection).  Gotta love the Z-Pack though.  Hope your cold goes away soon.

  5. As for the Good. . .  I’d better not start with books  :p  I’d be rambling forever.
    The Bad is always bad.  Getting sick is never pretty, but it can always be worse.  I have a total of 1132 hours of sick leave on the books as well as 367 hours of "special" sick… whatever that’s suppose to mean, so you can tell I rarely get sick… but whenever sickness strikes, it’s always nasty and usually over the weekend for me.  I’m suprised they don’t have federal agents at each end of the aisles that sell the cough/cold remedies   :s
    The ugly… have you considered wearing gloves?  :p  I once broke my finger wargaming (beating people up with padded sticks was always fun) and relished the fun colors for a few weeks.  Since I don’t paint my nails, I just color coordinated my wardrobe to take the attention off of the ravaged digit (clashing neon colors do wonders!)   :p

  6. Ouch, hope you feel better.  It’s never fun to be sick, especially in the summer.  At least in winter it’s already freezing outside, so bundling up in your bed isn’t too bad of a deal.

  7. Me again (and again, and again… :$ ).I just wanted to thank you for the Xbox GamerchiX project! I’m very excited and looking forward having the chance to begin with it.Girl Power 4eva!!!!*hugz and take care of that finger, PLZ!!!*

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