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PGR 3 Italy Highlight reel

Too busy boosting your gamerscore to watch all the videos from Italy? Check out the cool highlight reel VideoMonkey put togther.
The highlight for me is a glimpse of coyotefunky’s abs at around 1:40. HAWT.
BTW I’m loving Animal Crossing on my shiny new DS Lite that I LOVE.

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4 thoughts on “PGR 3 Italy Highlight reel

  1. FatSteveIrwin on said:

    Ive been hearing alot about animal crossing. I think im going to pick it up soon for my Lite too.

  2. Just picked up my Lite with Brain Age today…..New Super Mario Bros is my next game purchase but I might have to try Animal Crossing….gotta sign up for the WiFi too….

  3. Agustin Cervantes on said:

    I want a black Ds Lite, maybe i will ask you to bring me one from europe.

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