Gamer Spotlight FAQ

Okay maybe it’s not Frequently Asked Questions…more like a buncha facts. But hopefully they will clear up some of your questions.
  • The Gamer Spotlight is published every Tuesday.
  • For those of you who say I’ve never spotlighted a young/old/whatever gamer– yes, actually I have.
  • In the month of July alone I have received over 250 nominations for the Gamer Spotlight. That is enough to carry me through the next five years.
  • I can’t put everyone nominated in the Gamer Spotlight.
  • Just because I send you the questions and you send back your answers does not guarantee your Spotlight will be published.
  • For every email you send me (or ask someone else to send me) asking when your spotlight will be published, it is increasingly unlikely that your spotlight will EVER be published.
  • When you nominate yourself or someone else, spend some time on your nomination. An interesting nomination mail is likely to lead to an interesting Spotlight.
  • I know you want to see your gamertag on the website. Your mom and grandpa would dig it too. But the rest of us need something interesting to read. Your monosyllabic answers to my questions are not interesting to anyone but you and Mom.
  • If you’ve been in the Gamer Spotlight previously and have since changed your gamertag I will not update your page. You shouldn’t have changed it. Sorry dude.
  • The only way to get the TriXie icon is to be in the Gamer Spotlight or Community Spotlight. I will only award the icon to the same gamertag that was featured on If you changed it; too bad.
  • Out of over 160 Gamer Spotlights, only 19 have been women. So I don’t wanna hear your bellyaching about how only girls get attention.
  • Any other questions?


  1. yeah, how many nominations make it more likely that you’ll do a spotlight on a person.  I really would never want to bug my friends and ask them to email you, cuz I know that kinda thing would piss me off, unless it was like someone from the community that I’ve interacted with for years.

  2. I think I’ve nominated one person.  How do you nominate yourself?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a self serving mofo, but "Hey, you should do an article about me because I’m…." comes off weird.  But so does, "Hey Trixie, can you get me a job?" and tons of folks do that.   Oh wait.  Ummmm.  This is awkward.  🙂
    Anywho, what I would LOVE to see would be more of the "Xbox Undercover" series.  Seeing what ACTUALLY goes into a game is always interesting and the folks hard at work at MS deserve a little spotlight too! 

  3. Wow!  That is a lot of nominations.  I really feel fortunate to have been chosen for a Spotlight (Thx again). 

  4. But I thought everyone knew that a good gamer spotlight starts with a pair of Manolo’s…red mary janes, correct?

  5. "I know you want to see your gamertag on the
    website. Your mom and grandpa would dig it too. But the rest of us need
    something interesting to read. Your monosyllabic answers to my
    questions are not interesting to anyone but you and Mom."I agree there has to be some substance. 🙂 Like my Jack Bauer moment…lol

  6. Next undercover you’re going to have to show off the ‘shorts’ of the office…think you can con Major into wearing them again?

  7. I’ve been thinking the past few days how it’d be awesome to be featured. Hopefully some people have nominated me.

  8. To add onto PMS Kitty’s comment–
    Xbox Undercover–Major Nelson’s wardrobe.  Jean shorts, sandals, and that shirt from the arcade launch in SF. 
    Riddle me this–how are denim shorts different from a denim skirt?

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