TriXie breaks 1K and other gaming news

Check this out:

trixie360’s Xbox – 8/1/2006

trixie360 is the best. She treats me right. I treat her right. It is a good thing we have going here. Gamer score stands at 1039. Not too shabby! That is a gain of 159 points over last time! She played Marble Blast Ultra gaining 2 achievements, Smash TV gaining an amazing 6 achievements, UNO gaining 3 achievements, Outpost Kaloki X gaining 1 achievement, Geometry Wars Evolved, Feeding Frenzy, Joust, Cloning Clyde gaining 3 achievements, and oh… girl was it ever sweet!

YEAH, baby! THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!!


In other news, I have fallen hard for Animal Crossing. Once that fascist racoon released me from indentured servitude I have happily explored my word collecting peaches (does anyone else think they look like butts?), getting bit by a mosquito and drinking overpriced coffee at the museum. Supercool: A fortune teller set up her tent outside my town hall. Drop me a message if you want to come visit the wondrous world of Xboxia. Warning: my house is still pretty ghetto, but I have a pet frog!


  1. Congrats girl!  I saw you moving up yesterday and almost sent you a congratulatory (is that a word?) Xbox Live message!

  2. Ill come play you some more fruit trees Trix. Just let me know when you want me to come do it.

  3. Is animal crossing really that sweet?  It seems like a kids game to me, I can always use more DS goodness.

  4. WOHOOO! Your 360 loves you. 🙂 While my wonderful mother pitches the idea of having Cingular (I work for them) install a tower in our backyard I checked your blog.  I’m going to see if I pick that game up this weekend. I’ve been neglecting my DS lately. 😦

  5. Noooo.
    Don’t do it.  Don’t buy Animal Crossing.  Resist.  Join a cult instead, you’ll lose less of your free time.
    Trust me on this one.

  6. I have first dibs!
    You and I have the same fruit, but I’ll come baring oranges :D…and Apples, if Maj hasn’t stolen all of them again…
    Hopefully my pear trees and the coconut tree grows…

  7. I’d be happy to check out your town. Just send me a message on live and i’l send you my friend info. Congrats on your gamerscore. That’s amazing. 🙂

  8. Maj is a fruit f’er! He violated my coconuts 😦 Plant the coconuts in the dirt right off the shore of the ocean. Tom’Nook is evil I hate him! Everytime I pay him off he makes me pay him more.. When does the tyranny end?

  9. Kitty, if you have apples I need some of those now too.  Thanks for the oranges though.  And yes they do look like butts and it’s slighly distracting when you shake a tree and 3 large pink cheeks fall on your face….hard not to laugh.

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