Hardc*re outted! He plays AC!

I would just like to report that this afternoon Hardc*re and I played Animal Crossing. He came to Xboxia wearing a helmet and gas mask and he proceeded to chop down my trees and leave the following message on my bulletin board: "Fush1zzle muh nizzles! You need to clean this crusty poophole please!"  He claims he was referring to my office, not Xboxia. Whatever! 


  1. Hardcore is now OK in my book. Both ‘nizzle’ and ‘poophole’ in the same comment? GENIUS!

  2. What’s funny is that Spaces let me post ‘crusty poophole’ but not hardc*re. wtf?

  3. "The Man" is censoring you.  You should go "Major Nelson commando style" and put up your own site.  I will say that new ‘spaces’ is better than old ‘spaces’ but still doesn’t beat the customization I can do on a blogger solution.

  4. That’s just wrong.  I almost cried when my sister cut down a few of my trees…I just replanted and bad talked behind her back to the neighbors.

  5. This is the first time I’ve seen a photo of Hardccore.. and I must say he looks nothing like his "graphic". Everyone else seems to much more in my opinion.

  6. I rolled up his sleeves and took off his glasses for the photo shoot. He’s a hottie either way 😉

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