What a day. Me am very sleepy right now but here are the highlights:
  • One of your fellow trixieblog readers, after getting my GamerStench post in his RSS decided to come to my rescue–this morning SuperRob (please forgive if that’s not your exact tag…it is 3:30am and my brain is mush) brought me one of those air fresheners that puff delightful scents into the air. We kept it on the GamerchiX table and took frequent whiffs when the gameraroma became overpowering!
  • Met Steve from XBLRadio, plus the kickass dudes who wrote Xbox 360 for Dummies (and put me on page 247)
  • Gave out nearly 100 copies of the XGX ‘Manifesta’ and signed up a page and half of new ‘chiX!
  • Met Gabe (yes THAT Gabe)’s mom! She is way cool and we bonded on the Zen properties of Bejeweled. I showed her how to play Zuma and gave her a copy of the manifesta…I think she’s interested in becoming a GamerchiX!
  • We were giving away bumperstickers that say "What’s your Gamerscore?" So I put one on my, um, bumper. Then I demanded that Kotaku’s Brian Crescente take a picture of my ass.
  • I also insisted that the OnTen guys film my ass. (I also talked about GamerchiX)
  • I drank way too many bottles of Bawlz. It made me hyper and ass-happy. I said to Diva "Will you hold my Bawlz while I pee?"
  • Had lunch at Red Robin with a group of 20 gamers consisting of lots of XGX girls and some assorted men-folk. Red Robin hates us.
  • Went to dammy’s wedding! She was the most beautiful and happy bride I have ever seen! Plus they had good food and Frank Sinatra tunes.
  • Went to a part at e’s house. It was Geekess’s birthday. There were many odd boys doing odd things. Fedaykin made me drink something called a blue fuzzy spider. But it was green. Major Nelson even showed up…he looked exhausted but was still super stoked about Leipzig and the great community party they had there. He bugs me often, but I kinda miss him when he’s out of town. He’s sort of like the big brother that teases and tortures you but then he goes away to college and you’re like "Hooray! … wait…. dang, I’m bored"
  • We will be at PAX again (in about 5 1/2 hours). No purple tshirts this time. I spilled Ranch dressing on mine. We’ll be sporting black t-shirts that say "what’s your gamerscore"  Yes the bumpersticker dudes TOTALLY stole my idea!
  • Here’s a cool pic from Steve at XBLRadio, and a sweetass banner that Avid made to illustrate a post on GamerBabble about me posting about meeting Esko. That is the cutest thing ever!


  1. You got the Gamertag right, Trixie!  Glad to finally meet you in person, and I’m glad that the show is going so well for the Xboxers now that your have a defense against the ever-encroaching wall of Gameroma. 

  2. I want to cry lol I wanted to go soooo bad and I missed out on all the fun I hope you had alot of fun for me Trixie.

  3. Sorry about dogging you on saturday but it was cool hanging out with everyone on Sunday. Way more chill though it seems like after reading your post 😉 How many XGX girls did you get signed up in the end anyways?

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