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I had to wake up at 4am. This time I managed to brushwith toothpaste instead of liquid soap, but I did pack my suitcase in the dark, so it’ll be interesting to see what I brought to wear. Okay…freaky. I’m sitting in McClaren airport and a fellow Xboxer just walked by. Wait. Wait. Here comes another one. OMG I forgot it was bachelor party week for some of the bad boys in Building B. Freaky. I’m hiding behind my laptop…
How nerdy is this, blogging at the airport?
My flight was okay. I amused myself with the October issue of Cosmo until I could bust out my DS Lite. Just got Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It’s fun! I am a kickass lawyer, dude. I actually wnated to go to Law School for a while; wanted to work for the District Attorney and put scumbags in jail.
We had some pretty severe turbulence on the way in, and when the plane finally touched down the dude in front of me said "Well I feel lucky!" and everyone cracked up. I’m going to go fetch my luggage now, and make my way to the Aladdin.
TriX out

8 thoughts on “Vegas So Far

  1. Debbie says:

    I generally have turbulence when leaving Brazil (after visiting mom etc) and returning to Belgium. I kind of got accustomed to it, but I still HATE flight-back… That is scary!*have a great weekend*

  2. Kevin says:

    Enjoy Vegas. . .  I never could like the place myself, too many bad things go on down there  :p  but you should be safe in the Aladdin.  Heh heh heh  I guess having to go into the bad parts of town to do some work will do that to a person.  A couple rules of thumb… if you walk down the street DON’T take anything people are handing out on the streets – ewww…
    Also, Nevada has no state taxes… the casinos make enough money to take care of that for us.   :p   Gambling should be renamed to Giving your money away.
    Northern Nevada is much more pleasant…. it’s just that the high is 64 instead of the upper 80’s down south at the moment.   :p

  3. Robert says:

    Have fun in Vegas, Trixie!  Just remember, save before you go into the casino.  Then every time you win, save again!  If you lose, you can just reload.  You’ll come back home a gazillionaire!

  4. Chris says:

    more people die walking then flying. Turbulence is kinda scary. I was flying from europe back to the states one time and we had red lights flashing in the airplane.Anyways have fun.!

  5. Kelly Rock says:

    Hey Trix, is that Maj in that frame in the bathroom? ……. :-DLove u and have fun!K Rock

  6. Funfactor says:

    What Trixie!  Loved hangin’ with ya @ E3.  The turnulence is always hairy coming into Vegas.  Glad u got in okay, have a blast, and remember what happens in vegas stays in vegas… except for what u blog.  =)

  7. Jerry says:

    I love online gambling and everyone should be given the opportunity to gamble over the
    Internet. It doesn’t matter where they live as long as they are at least 18 years old.

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