Shamrock Shakes and Jackasses

Last night I had a shamrock shake from McDonald’s. It reminded me that on my first day at my very first job, the Shamrock Shake machine splooched all over my nifty blue pin-striped McDonald’s uniform. That brought up weird memories of the trials and tribs at the Golden Arches when I was 16. I was the only girl who closed at night, and back then I’d never heard of sexual harrassment. MAN if I knew then what I know now…  I was half-laughing, half-cringing as I told Bald Snail and dammy about how the guys used to have contests to see who could toss a dishrag down my shirt, or the way my 19-year old boss would, when I asked what he wanted me to do next, would say "I want to see you naked, Trixie." Nice, huh? Ah, the good ol’ days.
I was feeling pretty good about how times had changed and how I’m not a shy high school girl anymore who would rather take abuse than make waves. Then I got these two messages from a member of the community:
Message  1: WTF TRIXIE! I know you banned my brother’s account. It said he was banned to the year 2100 or something….are you f*cking kidding me? I KNOW IT WAS YOU!!!!
Message 2: If you don’t unban him I’m filing a complaint to Microsoft for your abuse in your power. I mean come on! Are you seriously this ignorant? Just because someone makes an account on my computer doesn’t mean it’s me.
First of all, I have ZERO idea who this jackass or his brother could be. I haven’t banned anyone in weeks. AND I’m not a big fan of being threatened–especially for something I didn’t have anything to do with.
So, I suppose the moral of the story boys and girls is that there is nothing new under the sun, be they Assistant Managers at McDonald’s named Dave or random freaks on Live the jackasses just keep jackassing. Tallyho.


  1. And someone does have to stop those bastards!So many bad things are said about games, gaming and gamers, but there is still way too much tolerance with those who disrespect women.*love ya girlie*

  2. Obviously these people haven’t figured out how to use the one brain cell that they’ve got.  Take no crap from them.  Hearing these morons does put me off playing on XBOX Live sometimes, or is it that maybe I’m showing my age.  Chill out, its only a game.

  3. First of all, I got $50 for the first person to provide a picture of Trixie in a McD’s uniform, no photoshops.
    I wouldn’t worry much about the messages you got.  The type of people who send these messages are complete idiots.  I get messages like that.  People complaining about being banned and accusing me of banning them.  I get PM’s on the forums, messages via Xbox Live, they’re morons.  Lets not forget, I’m not a moderator for, I can’t ban people.  It’s not like this is a one time thing, it’s happened at least 6 times.

  4. Come on, if you are going to ban people–really unleash the ban stick.  There IS a possibility that this person COULD live to the year 2100.  Based on the text, I would say he is about 10 so living to 103 is very possible and then he would be back on Live, causing a ruckus. 
    I can see the headline now:  "103 year old un-banned from Xbox Live–still considers those under a level 30 in Halo 58 a F’ing Noob"

  5. ok… ok.. did you have to let everyone know what I would say when I was the manager? I’m blushing now. ….lol…j/k.
    BTW:That kid is an idiot.
    K Rock

  6. I remember this kid, he kept posting these stupid threads in the general of the xbox forums last night. He was really mad at Trixie. I reported him though so I guess it helped.

  7. Hi guys,
    First time posting here! YAY me! I sat down last night to do my nightly xbox forum perusing and this guy wouldn’t stop spamming. Man, it sure is aggravating to have my post lost in a sea of manure.
    I get the feeling that you may have had to discipline someone and their trying to get back at you. Perhaps someone who works with you or did?  Not that it matters, I actually find it  somewhat amusing. If there were no people in the world who loose control of themselves we would have nobody to point at and laugh.

  8. So umm Trixie "What did you want us to do next?"
    ha ha.. when I worked at Jack in the Box (much cooler than McDonalds), I was 14 and I remember some guy coming through the drive through with no pants on.  At the time I just pretended I didn’t see anything .. but if I knew then … I would have dropped his COLD drink on his lap, took down his license plate number, yelled out "WHY ARE YOU NAKED???"  and reported his naked ass to the police, STAT. 

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