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The guys here have been up all night working on the maintenance. I went home to watch The Departed (love it! It’s the Irish Goodfellas!) but they were here pulling an all-nighter in the Xbox frat house.
I felt a little left out, so when I got in this morning I asked a very sleepy and bedraggled e if they had any fun without me. He said no. Apparently it was all hamsters and work … no strippers, no tequila shots, no panty raids. There’s not even a horse in Robbie Bach’s office. How disappointing.

One thought on “No Xbox Live Panty Raid

  1. MthdDirector says:

    ahh but if there *had* been a horse in Robbie Bach’s office then you wouldn’t have dared mention it!
    It’s times like these we wish there was webcams in the server rooms.

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