Twitter Twitter… whee I’m Major Elle!

I’m such a Major wannabe. First he got Twitter, then my friend Elle did. So now I’m a big ol’ copycat.

If you’re tired of watching grass grow and paint dry… come check out the deadly dull minutiae of trixieland here:

I can’t figure out how to hyperlink on my mac. Sad panda.


  1. Twitter is terrible! I know find myself talking to people via twitter and wondering why I don’t just IM or email them! I feel the need to get tweets from all of the GamerchiX!

  2. OMG! I know! Twitter is like freaking crack! I didnt get on all day and I was in withdrawal. Oh and BTW Trix. I had frozen pizza too! I didn’t know a pizza slicer was scary though. I thought of it as cute….Gamertag: ColonelSmithTwitter:

  3. Colonel, I once saw a movie where this little girl came back from the dead and f’ed up her family with a pizza wheel thingie. Now I fear them.

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