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I’m pleased to announce that 16-year-old Zach AvatarZ Wesley from Chandler, Arizona is the winner of the My Mom’s a Gamer contest. He won Mother’s Day flowers for his mom, and an Xbox 360 Elite for himself. Here’s an excerpt from his winning essay:
"My mom is the one standing in line at Gamestop at midnight waiting for Halo 2 so I could get some sleep and get up early to play it before school.  My mom is the one who suggested we camp out in front of Best Buy waiting for a 360 even though we could have had one on reserve because it would be more fun camping out and it would be a cool memory (she was right).  My mom is the one who has the date marked on her calendar when the Halo 3 beta starts and asked if I wanted to take a day off from school to play it."
Thanks to the more than 2,600 gamers who entered the contest! There were lots of great essays, but only one could win.
Please, don’t send me any more hate mail about how you should have won. Let’s be good sports okay?

6 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Christina says:

    Wow! My mom was never like that, I’m so envious. Lucky kid… 😉

  2. Neil says:

    Not that I could enter as I’m from the UK but you awarded top prize to a kid whose Mother who actually offered to let him take the day off school to play the Halo 3 beta!!!????!Shocking.

  3. Patrick says:

    Congratz to AvatarZ.  With a mom like that apparently he is already a winner  😉

  4. Nomad says:

    Hey Trix! Miss ya! Tried callin you and emailing you. 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Robert says:

    Either he’s a little liar or his mom has a chemical imbalance.

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