TriXie haters rejoice!

Hey you can now hate my voice on Major Nelson’s latest podcast, and you can hate my hair, my face and ohhhhh…just everything about me in the video from mine and VideoMonkey’s trip to the Sasquatch Music Festival. (and I reveal a hidden talent)
And for you history fans, check out Gamertag Radio’s 100th episode. There’s a snippet of the first time my voice from hell was made public!
I hate her voice! (Major Nelson podcast)


  1. Trixie, people who hate your voice are obviously the same smelly people from PAX.  They’re just not used to hearing a woman’s voice, don’t sweat it.  Thanks for mentioning our 100th episode.

  2. Those who hate anything about you or anyone has a serious little weiny complex!  They also are the same people who want clones, rather than celebrating the uniqueness of each person and thing.  You didn’t choose your voice, but you use it to spread the Xbox community good cheer.  Go sit on a sharp fence post and spin all you haters.  We love ya Trixie!

  3. I *heart* your voice, Trixie.  So cheerful, friendly, interesting, animated, sincere…   🙂

  4. Hey Trixie, knock off the negative stuff… you are cute and so is your voice.  Send any haters my way and I’ll straighten them out 🙂

  5. Pick yourself up girl!  by those john madden bootstraps!  There are no haters!  …just weirdos… but no haters!

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