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Hola amigos. I am heading to Cancun tomorrow for the World Cyber Games Pan-American Championship. Yes, I will be working. Working on my tan, working on shots of tequila, and working on getting into just the right amount of trouble (the wrong amount would result in jail). So here are some things to check out while I’m South o’ the Border:



5 thoughts on “Random Cool Stuff including Wolfmother and Cancun

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t forget about me–I’m the whiniest of the whiny, the sorest of sore, the loser, um, loserest of the losers.  🙂

  2. Ak47 says:

    Yeah, I’m still smarting from the hate mail you sent me when you didn’t win the Xbox Apprentice contest!

  3. Mike says:

    I would have totally been the bestest apprentice.  I always get totally hosed over.  Like on that Mother’s Day thing.  Just because my mom isn’t around anymore does not mean she can’t win!!!!

  4. MthdDirector says:

    Toxic Plumb maybe?  (trivia question)

  5. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Can I also get a bag of those Japanese Doritos that Paladino posted on  Yeah, the ones that look painful, yet both gents have big grins, in a Jackass sort of way.

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