The Rest of Cancun

Ugggh, three hours of sleep makes for a cranky Trix. Was up waaaay too late last night watching wresting. Lucha Libre at the Bulldog. The Mexican wrestling where they wear those crazy masks. It was super fun and we had great seats, but far too many Coronas were imbibed and then I went for another swim. This time no one paid me 500 pesos to jump in with my clothes on. So…
Highlights of Pan-American thingie in Cancun:
  • swimming in the ocean fully clothed (twice!)
  • Vanessa PMS beating Manny for the gold medal in DOA4
  • Laughing and pointing at Trevor from GotFrag when Vanessa won
  • Max1mus winning a PGR3 race against Chompr (Chompr took gold though)
  • Party at Coco Bongo Saturday night (Elvis impersonator)
  • Long Island Ice Teas
  • New BFF Lindsey from Y&R

Lowlights of Pan-Am thingie:

  • Cockroach in my minibar
  • Finding a toenail on my balcony
  • Crazy shots lady at Coco Bongo feeling me up
  • Losing to Hooperkid at Guitar Hero face-off
  • Team Brazil collapsing the winner’s podium in Closing Ceremony
  • Getting scared by mini-Betelgeuse


  1. A toenail? Eww!
    Isn’t first class grand? Jase and I got to fly out to Seattle in first class because they screwed up our flights so badly when we came up there in April. That’s why we were a day late. But the flight itself (once we finally got on it) was tops!

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