In which we explore Little India

Despite sleeping on the plane I had no trouble zonking out for several hours in the hotel last night. Breakfast was a mix of regular US items (scrambled eggs and bacon) plus some asian delights such as fried noodles and dumplings.
Hooperkid, Video Monkey and I moseyed over to the Suntec convention center to see how progress was going on the WCG setup. It’s all very much under construction, but it is gonna be COOL. Master Chief is due to make an appearance on Sunday and I have vowed to risk a caning by grabbing his ass. (Such things are frowned upon here, as it is considered an insult to one’s modesty).
Then the three of us cabbed it to Little India which was SUPER fun. We went to a Hindu temple, a Buddist temple and a mosque. I remembered to remove my shoes, but neglected to leave my "Summer Colada" Slurpee outside and the temple chick got pissed at me. Right there in front of the 50 foot seated Buddha! I didn’t mean to be blasphemous, I just forgot it was in my hand.
Anyway there were interesting sights and delightful smells. I could totally live here. The one bad thing was I saw a giant cockroach (like 2 inches long!) and that was icky. It is super muggy here so I took a blazing hot bath when I got back to my room (my hotel provides not only bath salts, but a rubber ducky) so when I got out into the airconditioning it was fabulously cool. We’re going to go to sushi tonight. I want to go to one of the numerous karaoke bars, but Video Monkey catagorically refuses to do karaoke and hooperkid claims that in order to partake he must be "hammered beyond hammered."  Note to self: Get hooperkid hammered.
Check the photo album for a slice of Singapore thus far…


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  1. Wish i could fly buz class, i’ll get to sit next to cattle and beg for food, lol. And if there are any babies, i’ll turn up the ZEN or maybe eat it. (joking mom and mothers))

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