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Whew! Finally got settled. Here was yesterday:
  • 10 hour flight to Tokyo sitting next to a chatty old man with death breath.
  • 2 hour bus ride from Narita to my hotel in Shinjuku (my ‘real’ hotel was full)
  • Discover hotel has no room service. Lobby shop has no diet coke. But my view was AMAZING.
  • Slept for 9 hours
Here was today so far:
  • Get up at 5am
  • Find nice couple from San Francisco to help me get to Shinjuku Station.
  • No English is spoken. Much pointing and sheepish smiling leads to ticket to Chiba.
  • 1 hour on the local train. Adorable 7 or 8 year old Japanse schoolgirls dressed like Madeline.
  • Arrive in Chiba, get in taxi. Taxi has doilies on the headrests.
  • Taxi driver’s only English = Microsoftu? Bill Gatesu!
  • Get to hotel. Can’t check in until 2pm.
  • Eat nasty breakfast.
  • Do interview with Lost Odyssey dude.
  • Go check out Xbox booth on show floor
  • Make a baby whirlm in Viva Pinata for Windows
  • Fail to roll a 50cm ball in Beautiful Katamari
  • Finally check into real room. So spectacular there must be a mistake!
  • Watch sumo wrestling on the bathroom TV
  • Go to Ninja Gaiden II interview. Bloodiest. Game. Ever.
  • Now I’m off to the TGS Xbox Community party.

4 thoughts on “In Tokyo!

  1. Scott says:

    "Watch sumo wrestling on the bathroom TV "
    Ok, seriously…  The other stuff is cool, but that one right there…
    To what demonic pitlords must I make my sacrifice, and what must that sacrifice consist of, in order for me to be your Assistant?
    Man.  Talk about an amazing job.  Sorry that Major Nelson can’t be there…

  2. Christina says:

    That sounds so awesome. I am so envious! You’re living a nerd’s dream over there Trixie 😀 

  3. Scott says:

    She lives the geek dream every day…  Whats her job again??? 

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