Bad words, boobs, and free stuff!

Here’s some cool recent stuff from some good friends of mine:
  • DaKing240 is giving away some VERY nice prizes in his charity effort include an Xbox 360 bundle, games, and more. You can check that out here.
  • I prank called DeaconBlade 360 on his latest show, so you can listen to me spout some bad words in Show #51. And if you haven’t heard his show from last week with the GamerchiX you should definitely listen to that one too!
  • The Cavegirls are doing their second annual Fight Like a Girl tournament. It’s ten bucks to register and all the money goes to The Susan Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. When else do you get a chance to whoop ass in Halo 3 and save some boobies (and lives!) at the same time? And if you blow at H3 you can either donate without playing or sponsor a player!


  1. Indeed KP.  Boobies must be supported.  However, they must not be held in captivity…
    Free the boobies!
    Sorry.  I’ll be good now…

  2. Wow- I see you’ve moved into the new office.  Nice digs!  I mean, nice opportunity to dig, hehe.  Is it raining outside?  It’s cold in L.A. – raining almost, although technically we don’t have rain, just frothy polluted mist that floats in via the inversion layer from downtown.

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