So long, 2007!

2007 was a swell year. Here are some of the highlights:
  • GDC: GamerchiX represent at the Women in Gaming shindig in San Francisco.
  • ZUMA: I’ve beat the game over 60 times now…and still can’t stop playing.
  • Kindle: My new best friend.
  • PAX: so fun hanging out with Xbox community peeps! And dressing up Feelz Good.
  • FREEDOM FEST! Those of you who were there remember the fun.
  • E3: best part was meeting Fruit Brute and Tiny Dancer. Worst was the infamous bullride.
  • Tokyo Game Show: Was great to finally visit Japan. But the food sucked.
  • LA Times: was awesome to have GamerchiX featured on the front page of the Business section!
  • KOMO TV: Apparently I was on the local evening news talking about women in the games industry. I didn’t see it, but other people did.
  • World Cyber Games: My favorite part of my job took me to New York, Cancun, Singapore, and Orlando. Best part was Team USA’s triumph!!
  • UCLA: being invited to speak at the iConference 2008. Pretty cool for a college dropout to be a keynote speaker for a bunch of grad students! 
  • New Music: I became big fans of Queens of the Stone Age after a front-row seat at their concert at a Rock Band party. And I discovered Rock Kills Kid when they played WCG Grand Finals (and let me play Rock Band with them)
  • Medals: Getting to hang medals around the necks of Team USA’s top three PGR 3 players in Orlando.
  • SPIKE: was cool hanging with Geoff and Jamie from Game Head in Cancun, Santa Monica, Orlando and Seattle. Maj and I even made a couple episodes of their WCG coverage.

This is getting too long. There are many many more highlights… too many to list. Suffice it to say this was a truly great year working with the Xbox Community!


  1. Because of TriXie, I got Zuma.
    It pretty much owned my soul for an entire week.  Even though I kinda suck at it (no where NEAR beaten it).
    "Thankfully", some FPSs came out and saved me from the void…
    Happy New Years, Trixie.  It’s been great having you work with us.

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