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Elvis Presley would be 73 years old today. Here is a picture of him at the height of his hawtness, the 1968 comeback special.
Is it a coincidence that on the King of Rock -n- Roll’s birthday, Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom releases? Well, I guess I won’t give Blue Side that much credit (and I don’t know how popular Elvis was in Korea) BUT… Check out Kingdom under Fire today… there’s a demo and some theme/gamerpic type goodness on Xbox LIVE.
AND here are some other games to play today to honor THE KING:
and of course the trio of Burger King games: Sneak King, Pocketbike Racer and Big Bumpin’

3 thoughts on “The King is Dead, Long Live the King

  1. James says:

    And Gronar’s birthday is in 2 days, hint hint for the shotout! ;P

  2. NINJA0.9 says:


  3. John says:

    "would be" 73?It’s blatantly obvious that Elvis, Tupac, and the real Michael Jackson are kickin’ it somewhere out in the known universe. We just don’t have the technology to find them yet.

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