TriXie’s Top 10 Cute Boys in Game Journalism

In no particular order here are the lads who cover games who are both cute and cool to hang out with. In other words, there may be those who are more traditionally handsome, but these boys are the cutest overall.
1. Brian Crecente,
2. Flynn DeMarco,
trixie and fruitbrute at PAX
3. Stuttering Craig, ScrewAttack
4. Geoff Keighley, Game Head, Spike TV
trix maj and geoff k at pgr4 party
5. Feelz Good, Gamertag Radio
6. DaKing240,
esko and daking240
7. Knuckles Dawson,
8. Chris Grant,
9. Steve519, Platform Nation
10. Deaconblade 360, Unscripted 360.


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