TiQal = New Zuma?

Could this week’s new XBLA game finally do away with my Zuma addiction? I’m checking out the game detail page on Xbox.com and it seems to have some similarities:

  • Mayan theme – check
  • Matching colors gameplay – check
  • It’s even got something Zuma doesn’t: versus and co-op play on Xbox LIVE. I’m super-excited!

Check out TiQal here. And look for me playing it on Wednesday!

13 thoughts on “TiQal = New Zuma?

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  1. Uh-oh… another addiction =0 lol What I’m really interested about is that the game is rated "E" for everyone, yet it says the game contains "alcohol reference"…. hahahha this should be cool!!

  2. Great game.  I got to play it for a few mins this morning before work (the wed XBLA ritual).Its 2 parts tetris mixed with 1 part Lumines.Bake on high, serve once its cooled.

  3. I am most definetly getting this as soon as the Marketplace gets up and running again.  The demo was fantastic and appealed to me for all the same reasons you outlined.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for you so you can school me horribly 🙂

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