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Bonjour from Paris! Here’s the lowdown so far on the City of Light

The Good:

  • Haven’t met a rude Parisian yet.
  • The food is amazing. Nearly suffered the petit mort from my first bite of quiche in a sidewalk café
  • Diet Coke is plentiful!
  • I can see the Eiffel Tower from my hotel balcony

The Bad:

  • Tourists taking photos of artwork in museums. Seriously, wtf? You need a photo of yourself with Venus de Milo to prove you were here? Consider "Mr Pink," a Teutonic douchebag in a pink shirt standing in front of the Mona Lisa talking loudly into a cellphone and taking digital photos while a bead of sweat ran down his fat face. I came very close to violence.
  • My luggage arrived at my hotel TWO DAYS after I did. Despite the fact that my mother had medication in her suitcase that she needed, Air France in its wisdom decided to sit on their lazy derrieres rather than bring us our luggage in a timely manner. You have an angry Trixieletter headed your way, messieurs.
  • Because the chargers for both my laptop and my cellphone were in my suitcase, I was completely cut off from civilization once the batteries all went tits-up. This sucked enormously and put a very cranky and paranoid spin on my first couple days in Paris.

The Magnifique:

  • Paris is a total artgasm. Mom and I went to the Musee d’Orsay where I encountered Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Whistler (and HIS mom) and all the Impressionist boys.
  • The Louvre was amazing. Walking up to it I really felt like I was in Paris. I nearly wept (for reals!) when I finally stood in front of Winged Victory (Nike of Samothrace). We only got through Greek and Roman sculpture plus Italian Painting before I needed to skedaddle back to meet up with co-workers.
  • I’m eating pain au chocolat as I write this. Mom went out to a patisserie and brought back yum-yum. I’m getting powdered sugar all over my keyboard but I don’t care!!

13 thoughts on “Paris: The Good, The Bad & The Magnifique

  1. I says:

    Paris sounds fabulous!  (Except for the whole luggage lost incident of course) 

  2. Steve519 says:

    Sounds great trixie!  Sorry about your luggage but everything else seems like its going pretty great.  Enjoy your time over there!

  3. SionTor says:

    Pain au chocolat FTW!!! Full of butter and chocolate yummyyy!!!

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