words about words

Well, it’s that E3 time of year again, and myself and the rest of the crew are headed down tomorrow. The prima donna MN headed down today, probably to make sure his dressing room is up to J.Lo. standards…
Here are the things I WON’T be doing at E3 this year:
1. Vomiting.

trixie at c3 e3

2. Taking my shoes off.

minibar - already drank the diet coke

3. Enjoying the minibar. My hotel doesn’t have one!!!

4. Riding the mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch. Thank GOD there are no pictures from last year!


5. Doing ANY bad things. Boytoys, you’re out of luck this year. Trixie is TAKEN. And you don’t want to mess with a Marine’s girl!



8 thoughts on “Off to E3. The Year of the Good Trix

  1. Steve519 says:

    see you there Trixie

  2. Debbie says:

    Bring all the coolest news to your far and away fans! 😉

  3. joelle says:

    Alas, it’s a new day! I’m going to miss the antics of bad Trixie a little bit. You can still enjoy the Kobe Sliders, and if you do, you HAVE to wash them down with something… And if that something happens to be Tequilla…well, I hope there will be pictures and I hope you will regale us all with it in your blog. I haven’t met the Marine yet, but I suspect he finds *some* of your Trix (minus the boytoys) part of the charm he’s always loved about you!

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