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I haven’t blogged in FOREVER and my brother finally told me to at least put something new on so he doesn’t keep having to see my boobs when he checks my page. He’s not fond of the Monkey’s Toe either.  So anyway I’m in Pasadena at Maddenpalooza. Major Nelson and Video Monkey are acting like cranky old farts.
Meanwhile, here’s a pic of me and TriXies Marine. He met my kids,and my parents and they all adore him. Even the kitties love him.



9 thoughts on “Sorry, sorry! Bad trixie

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Trixie! This is Cappa/Jessie from GamerChiX
    Now i know your busy gettin your party on over in Pasadena but right now i’m currently on your work campus! 😀
    Well…kind of. I’m over in Office Building 33 listening to a Microsoft Student presentation. You may have heard of an event taking place called DigiGirlz that was happening the week of August 11th-15th. Well i decided to attend and i MUST say it is a wonderful experience! I just wish i could’ve heard about it before i graduated from high school.
    I wish i could’ve been able to meet up with you while i was on the campus, but they have our schedule packed with different things. Tomorrow is our last day and we get to be placed in a Job Shadow with different people over the campus. I believe i have Susan Hendrich in building #118.
    Well anyway, i better get going! I hope you have an amazing time after your trip. Are the GamerChiX going to PAX this year? I bought my 3 day pass so hopefully i’ll stop by your booth.
    Talk to you later!
    Aka Cappa, Cappa Desu, formerly Cappa PMS

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