Spotlight Nominations: What NOT to Do

Since the Community Close-Up episode about how to get in the Gamer Spotlight on and Inside Xbox, I’ve been inundated with nomination emails. Some have been really good and interesting and I’m excited to publish their interviews in the coming weeks. Others are mostly ‘meh’ and some are downright laughable. The following are real, authentic bone fide nomination emails with gamertags and other identifying info removed. Presented for your edification and amusement, I give you The Good, The Bad and the just plain Wrong.

The Good
I’d like to nominate myself. 2 reasons: 1 – I’m probably the most excited gamer there is for the upcoming release of The Force Unleashed. 2 – School just started. My students would go nuts if they saw me up there.


Also, I guess I’m supposed to say something about how I’m the best human in the history of humans…

TriXie sez: Brief, includes a hook (he’s a teacher and his students would dig it), plus there’s a sense of humor and he shows that he’s been paying attention. Look for his Gamer Spotlight tomorrow on

The Bad
1) i will like to nominate myself as a gamertag spotlight

mines is [gamertag]

thank you for your time ^^

TriXie sez: FAIL.

2) Hey Trixie I think I qualify as one of the greatest players u could put on the spotlight put me on.

TriXie sez: this dude didn’t even tell me what his gamertag is!

The Wrong
Hey Trixe you are 1 nice girl. i am a dad of 4 with a wife that has cancer. my brother had his hand blown off in iraq. my favorit games are halo 3. [edited]

Trixie sez: I’d ban your ass if you’d provided a gamertag. Nice try though.


  1. lol, thanks for the advice 😀 UK gamerspot light just opened and I never knew what to say to get on :p

  2. WHen did they come out with the Halo 3 suck me cockkkkkkk edition?  I must have missed that release.

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