words about words

So now that I am actually working on social media for reals (instead of just making shit up as I go), I am learning a TON.

I thought I’d share a couple of cool tricks I’ve learned. Maybe this is old news to you guys, but in some ways I am an SM newb.

Google Insights

This allows you to compare multiple search terms in different locations, time frames or categories.  I did an Insights search using my gamertag and my ‘real’ name. My IRL name isn’t that unique, so it’s unclear how many of the results are about me. As you can see from the result, in July “Real Name” was ascendant and trixie360 was in decline.

The green circle indicates where the two worlds collided.

Twitter Search

This one sort of delights me. I keep telling people about it; like random people ringing up my groceries or riding the elevator with me.

Here’s what happens when you do a straight-forward Twitter search for “Spider-Man”:

Just typed in "Spider-Man"


If you type in “Spider-Man :)”? You actually get tweets with positive sentiment! Look!

Typing in "Spider-Man :)"

What do you suppose happens when you add a frowny instead of a smiley? OMG you’re right! You get negative tweets! BEHOLD:

Typing in "Spider-Man :("

Granted, these tweets don’t seem all that negative. But then again I don’t speak whatever language that naysaneyney is tweeting; so I can’t be sure.

Try it!

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