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I declare that May is Review Month! Or you could call it “tit for tat” month, which is appropriate considering we’re talking about Lexy Cooper.


The Set Up

Writing is a lonely-ass profession. Reviews, comments, and feedback on the words we write are the fuel that keeps us going. Reviews –even negative ones– offer us acknowledgement that someone else is experiencing the alternate reality we’ve created in our head. Your feedback is confirmation that we exist.

The Pitch

I want your reviews. Good, bad, and ugly, I want to know what you thought of “Schooled.” And here’s what I’m willing to do in exchange for the time you take to write a few words about my book on Goodreads or Amazon: I will name a character after you in the as-yet-untitled Lexy Cooper Mystery #3. I can use your first name, last name, gamertag/username, nickname…whatever you prefer. Everyone likes to see their name in a book, but for whatever reason, people don’t get around to writing reviews.

The Deal

To be crystal clear:

  • Review of Schooled must be published on Amazon and/or Goodreads in the month of May. That’s between May 1 and May 31, 2013.
  • The review must be the honest opinion of a human being who read the entire book.
  • Your name in my book has no monetary value; nor does your review of my book. So let’s not go there.
  • I cannot guarantee that the character who shares your name will be like you, a decent person, or alive by the end of the book.

So please! Get your review on! If you read the book and haven’t felt compelled to review it–here’s your reason! When  you’re old and crusty you can show your great-grandchildren that there’s a character with your name in a mystery novel!

One thought on “Review Schooled and become a character in my next book!

  1. kiki2point0 says:

    Reblogged this on Kiki2point0 and commented:
    Become a character in an awesome book? Umm yes, please! I wonder if I do numerous reviews I can get a bigger role?

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