Things that make me go Hmmmm?

  • Why is every activity for adults [fun thing] and wine? I’d love to paint and cook and craft, but I don’t like wine. I don’t want to pay for the wine and not drink it. I don’t want to get the “WTF is wrong with her” looks when I’m the only one not chugging wine.
  • Why do schools/offices/whatever hammer home the stay home if you’re sick message and then get pissy when you do?
  • Why is clearly looking at the climate disruptions–they’re here! they aren’t going away any time soon!–seen as “giving up”? We absolutely can do something about it, but we can’t stem the tide at this point. We have to deal with the mess we’ve made. It’s gonna suck, and people, animals, and plants are going to die. But to turn your face away from the facts and say “We just need to recycle a little harder and call your congresspeople” is tantamount to clapping your hands if you believe in fairies.
  •  3/5th of an octopus’ neurons are not in its brain, but in its tentacles.


  • How is the stock market not just gambling? Who made up this horseshit?
  • As a species, we made the wrong choice when we decided to stay in one place to farm and keep livestock.
  • I understand why moms carry the emotional burden of the entire family, but I don’t understand how to push some of that shit off my plate and back on the plate it came from. Yeah yeah, “boundaries”, but how? Who nurtures the nurturer?
  • Sometimes the world is so beautiful that it physically hurts.
  • Who invented health insurance and how the fuck is it legal to take people’s money and then fail to provide the service that was promised?


  • Here’s my idea to get money out of politics: First, taxes pay for political campaigns. Each candidate who wishes to run would first have to check some boxes that include tax returns, background check (if you wouldn’t be allowed on a school field trip, you have no business governing), blind trust agreements activated the moment they take office, psychological testing (like cops have to go through, but y’know better). And then once there is a vetted pool, each candidate is provide with x # of ads, x # of printing resources for stickers, yard signs, etc. It wouldn’t be about who has MORE money it would be about using your resources wisely. Campaign contributions would be forbidden, and campaign finances would be overseen by a government agency. Id’ rather get money out of politics than put up a fucking useless wall of bigotry.
  • Insidious mindfucks: the graphic novel Beverly and the film Melancholia.


  • Some dinosaurs had dual oviducts and lay two eggs at a time.
  • If you happen to be arctic soil, you will need to remain frozen for two years to be considered “permafrost”
  • I think only violent criminals should be incarcerated. Those who commit financial crimes should be sentenced with YEARS of community service. Like that’s their only job: elder care, cleaning graffiti, trail-keeping in public lands. If they fuck up, they get another six months. Then they’ll be doing needed work and they’ll be learning what it’s like to do physical work.
  • Is anything a casserole if you bake it in a casserole dish?
  • When society collapses I think combustion engines will be more useful than electric–at least until the gas goes stale.
  • I want to visit places that we will soon lose to climate disruption (the glaciers, the Everglades, etc) but getting there contributes to the problem.
  • How to balance self-care with weltschmerz?

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