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I’m feeling more in control–even if that control is an illusion.

I actually got a call from my doctor’s office in response to my message about upping the dose of my anxiety meds, and I have a phone call scheduled tomorrow.

Anxiety-wise, Kid 3 is having a rough time and is super needy. It doesn’t help that she’s now been running a low fever for two full weeks. Yesterday she had three sobbing meltdowns. She wants me to stand in the doorway while she brushes her teeth because she’s scared. She had a Zoom session with her therapist and she seemed more relaxed afterward. Still, at bedtime I stayed in her room, petting her hair and listening to a Sleep Story on Calm until she fell asleep. Her favorite is The Secret Lagoon.

By a stroke of luck, the Quarantine Present showed up and that distracted her from her troubles for a while.

Indy and Joss

American Girl Joss, and Kid 3.

Yes, I realize that’s not a thing and is in fact pretty ridiculous, and my online shopping will need to be curtailed. Because I also bought a Wonder Woman onesie. And a panini press.

Oh, and a bubble machine for the dogs.

Beyond the Kid 3 drama, we did have some bright spots.

I made gumbo in the crock pot and it was delicious and super easy. The most time-consuming bit is chopping veggies and of course making the roux, stirring forever and ever until you get that brick red color.


Not even close to dark enough!

Speaking of cooking, believe it or not I’ve had some people complain about the food. To the person that is providing 3 meals a day and doing all the fucking dishes. Let’s just say I was not happy, so I am going to publicly shame them here and now.

Kid 3: “We’re having gumbo AGAIN?”

My grumpier half: “You’re not making the HelloFresh? I had mac and cheese for lunch and was hoping for something more substantial.”

Grumpass, similarly: “It’s not going to be ready until 7:30?!” *walks away with a bitchy face*

So. Instead of murderizing anyone, or letting the completely unfair comments stew in my gut, increasing my anxiety, I made a new rule:

Anyone who complains about the food doesn’t get to eat for two days.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


One thought on “Quarantine Notes – March 19

  1. Gretchen says:

    Anyone who complains about the food, does the dishes AND cooks the next meal!!!!!!

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