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I’ve been retired from work for three years now and in that time…well I can’t say I have any major accomplishments under my belt, but y’know, Pandemic. I did manage to earn a certificate in World Art History from the Smithsonian Institution which means I attended many many hours of online lectures on art history and produced absolutely zero work.

BUT! Beginning next month (January 2022 ((dude, where’s my flying car?)), I begin the University of Washington certificate program in Private Investigation! I somehow scroll-stumbled onto its existence a couple-three years ago. At that time it was an in-person program which was a bummer but I was willing to put on my big girl panties and make it to class once a week. Unfortunately, before admissions opened the Pandemic shut everything down.

Bow down to Washington!

Now the program is back, it’s online, and ya girl is accepted, registered, locked and loaded!

It’s a nine-month, no-credit, pass/fail program that will end with me taking the PI licensing exam! Will I make private investigation my new career, or will I use the knowledge to inform my crime novels? Both? Neither? Maybe I’ll just have a really kick-ass answer should anyone ask what I do. “I’m a licensed Private Investigator.”

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