Cancer Slayer: Post Script

Yesterday I had surgery to remove the medi-port that was installed a year ago ahead of chemo. Since then I've had six rounds of chemo, multiple echocardiograms, 11 infusions of Herceptin, a lumpectomy and lymphnode takey-outy, 30 sessions of radiation, a bone density test, I don't remember how many MRIs and blood tests and zillions... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten cancer conversations

I guess maybe I thought it would be a one-and-done kind of thing. "Allison, Mommy has cancer. But the doctor will fix me." "Okay, Mommy." *skips off to play* Well, it didn't go quite like that. And it was just the first of many conversations. I felt like I had to warn her about my... Continue Reading →

Gaming with Kids: Crawl, Walk, Game

Last week marked the debut of my new column at It's called Crawl, Walk, Game, and it's all about my experiences gaming with my youngest child. I've had great feedback so far, so give it a read, won't you? Next week I'll be writing about educational apps from Duck, Duck, Moose, and in June... Continue Reading →

Care and Feeding of a Small Tyrant

Because I was cracking myself up writing this, I am sharing some excerpts from the three-page document I wrote for my mother on the Care and Feeding of Baby Trixie. Language "If she points at the freezer she wants a popsicle. “Arcle” means popsicle, but it also means bicycle and motorcycle. If she’s pointing at... Continue Reading →

A Slice of Heaven in Seattle—Mother’s Day Giveaway!

If you follow me on Twitter--and if you don’t good lord what are you doing with your free time?! –you know that I am a fan of Gene Juarez salons and spas. I like them because they’re fancy enough to make going there feel like a special occasion, but not so fancy you feel the... Continue Reading →

After the Quake

It's been ten years since the Nisqually Earthquake. Aka that big ass quake that broke the Viaduct and busted a lot of old brick shit in Pioneer Square. Aka the scariest day of my life. It was a normal day at work. I was a copywriter at Sierra On-Line and the creative team (8 zillion... Continue Reading →

The Calculus of Family

There are a lot of people in my family. I mean a LOT. My parents started out with two kids, completely average. They divorced and both remarried, but didn't have any more children. No "second batch" if you will.  Fast forward a large number of years and you have some pretty impressive and/or alarming numbers:... Continue Reading →

Hotel Hell

I will not name the hotel I stayed in last night; not because they failed in any way, but because I am afraid of reprisals from them. A lifetime ban for instance. This weekend I wanted to do something special for the kids. Saturday night I took the older two (19 and 15) to PUSAfest... Continue Reading →

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