9 years, 900 posts – Adventures in Blogging

When I made my most recent blog post, I saw this: Yeah, NINE HUNDRED posts. Crazy, right? I guess not so crazy when you consider that I started blogging on Windows Live Spaces on December 2, 2004. Back then I started the blog for one reason: Windows Live Spaces was about to get Xbox Live... Continue Reading →

My 4 year old video game assistant Check out my column Crawl, Walk, Game over at The Married Gamers. In this installment, I wrote about playing games on the PC, iPad, and DS with my 4-year-old daughter. Not kids games; MY games.

Get Schooled for 99 cents!

Broke? Cheap? You've got enough money jingling in your pocket or collecting lint in your sofa cushions for what readers have called "a straight-up page turner" "a captivating thriller" and "a twisty-turney perfect murder mystery" To celebrate the imminent release of Pwned (Lexy Cooper #2), the first Lexy adventure, Schooled is on sale for just... Continue Reading →

The feedback a writer needs most

There are some people who can never, in good conscience, review an author's books: the author herself of course, and anyone who worked on the actual text. In my case that's my editor Marti and proofreader Stacie. But they are the people whose understanding of the book and characters are second only to my own.... Continue Reading →

Gaming with Kids: Crawl, Walk, Game

Last week marked the debut of my new column at TheMarriedGamers.net. It's called Crawl, Walk, Game, and it's all about my experiences gaming with my youngest child. I've had great feedback so far, so give it a read, won't you? Next week I'll be writing about educational apps from Duck, Duck, Moose, and in June... Continue Reading →

Bad as I Wanna Be – Character or Heroine?

Lexy Cooper is the protagonist of my mystery series set in the videogame business. You'll notice I didn't use the word "heroine." There's a reason for that. She's not heroic. She's not a role model. I don't want Lexy to be a good girl. To always do the right thing. To know all the answers.... Continue Reading →

The side-effects of being a mystery writer

I write mystery novels. This is a fairly new occupation. I published the first book in the Lexy Cooper mystery series in November, the second is now in the process of being edited by the fabulous Marti McKenna and will be available in June, and I’m writing number three right now. (Okay, I’m procrastinating writing... Continue Reading →

Read the first chapter of Schooled! Free!

  Here's chapter one of Schooled, the first Lexy Cooper murder mystery. Probably NSFW. Don't say I never gave you anything for free. :)Schooled (Lexy Cooper Mystery #1) Chapter One Kenny Longworth walked the perimeter of building D on the Xenon corporate campus. It was the beginning of his security shift at seven a.m. Thursday and he... Continue Reading →

Sexism in Games – A Mea Culpa

If Meaghan Marie’s recent post about the sexism she’s encountered in the games industry was at all shocking to you, you either don’t work in the games industry or you’ve had your head up your ass. I applaud her for writing it—it took guts. But she’s just shedding light on attitudes and practices that are... Continue Reading →

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