It’s heeeeere!

This post is a bit tardy. After all my new mystery novel “Schooled” has been available for a smidge over a week now and I’m just getting around to posting about it. However, the up-side is that I have a week’s worth of  stuff to talk about other than a link to the Amazon page.


I want to thank what I’ve come to think of as “Team Lexy,” namely editor Marti McKenna, proofreader Stacie Magelssen, and cover artist Brett Parson.

I’ve been blown away by how many people bought and read the entire book on the day it released. You people are hardcore and I love you!

The feedback has been great so far. I’m hearing a lot of “I stayed up all night to finish it,” “Can’t wait for the next one,” and a handful of readers have admitted to crushing on the characters Lexy Cooper and Detective Mike Malick. (Upcoming post about this added responsibility for subsequent books).

Here are some excerpts from the reviews. The bold bits are mine.

“There are few books that will make you go from cover to cover in one sitting. This book is one of those rare gems. With the type of pace and characters you’d find in a good television show I found myself drawn into this universe and didn’t want to leave.”

Lexy Cooper is THE sexy heroine for the gaming generation. She not only has an amazing job at a video game company, but she has a hot uncle who is a cop. Together, they use their valuable traits and very different methods to track down a killer.”

“Charter’s characterization is excellent. I feel as though I know Lexy, Mike, The Barbies… I feel like if I met them at a party, we would need no introduction. I think it is the characterization that makes the book so entrancing. We’ve all read books where the supporting cast is two dimensional. Charter’s characters breathe.

“Schooled is a fast paced & raunchy whodunnit set in the gaming world. For gamers it is a fascinating a peak behind the scenes, but you don’t have to like video games to enjoy this murder mystery.”

“This is a straight up page turner.”

So, to sum up: Whew! It’s done and out there. Also Woohoo! People like it!


  1. Looks like most people have enjoyed it so far. It makes me wonder, if the chance were to ever come up, would you be for or against a movie based on the book?

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