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Ever see a frog wipe its a$$?

How is this okay? Procter and Gamble is marketing some wipes for potty-training kids. The packaging features a frog bent over, wiping its ass and smiling. See the video here.

This completely freaks me out. Why a frog? When you think of a squeaky clean butt-region, does a frog immediately come to mind? Me neither. And what’s with the name? Kan= toilet. Doo= crap. This has got to be the creepiest thing EVER.


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5 thoughts on “Ever see a frog wipe its a$$?

  1. I wipe my ass on quite the regular basis.

  2. You are funny! Maybe kids just like frogs.

  3. My kid uses this, I never thought about the Kan and the Doo until you pointed it out Trixie… very funny

  4. The frog doesn’t even bother to wash his hands after whiping.

  5. Unknown on said:

    That’s just sick!

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