words about words

Movies I hate

In no particular order:

LOTR: the 2nd one (sooo dull. I wanted them ALL to die. Even the hot one)
Wild Wild West (oh the agony!)
Punch Drunk Love (couldn’t finish it)
The Hulk (puke. Ang, how could you?)
Dune (it even had Sting, and I walked out)
Underworld (saw it with a cute boy, but the movie still sucked)

Movies I don’t get why people love:

Blade Runner (had to watch three times in film class. still don’t like it)
Terminator (an exboyfriend had to bribe me to watch this)
Ghost (vomitous!)
When Harry Met Sally (I’m sorry, but Billy Crystal is unf**able)
Tommy Boy (huh? I can see fat stupid guys for free at Microsoft)


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