I will be courting melanoma on the beautiful isle of Maui for the next week. No phone, no boat, no motorcar… just a mai-tai in one hand and a bottle of Coppertone in the other.


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  1. Heh, that’s kinda mean, iStephen. Okay, I admit I’ll have my cell with me, but I’m trying to discourage my boss from buggin’ me while I’m basking in the sun. 😉

  2. How funny! Everyone is going to Maui lately…you, Major Nelson and ME! Yep, I leave on Sunday the 6th. If you get back before then post some dos and don’ts for the rest of us. 🙂

  3. Seriously though Tod I see you work at Microsoft as well, do they have some group discount for Microsoft employees there or something? One of my friends got a job there and took a trip there is well…

  4. Trixie, this is the boss, of your boss. Of your boss. We’re looking for the blueprints. You know, for the (!) console. Somehow, janitorial shorted the server at the precise moment we were doing a major back-up of engineering. Restore points on 32 different systems were corrupted. All we have left is that sketch J did last year, you know, the one on the commissary napkin in blue ink? Yeah. Well, it smudged. Jimmy, our intern (the one we kicked back to .net after he raved about the PSP) swears up and down that that you’ve got an unauthorized copy. The only copy. Zipped on a yellow 3 1/4" floppy disk with a daisy on it and the words "to Trixie with Love, Jimmy." Trixie, please come back. It’s our only hope.

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