Maj and TriX debate — who won?

Here is a debate that Major Nelson and I had on MSN Messenger. The subject: kids on Xbox Live. Who do you think won this round?  Me, right?

Major Nelson v. TriXie


  1. Is it that short, or am I missing something?I agree that the kids are growing up, but that doesnt mean they should be on LIVE.I don’t think LIVE, necessarily gives you the best scenario for what kids pick up. The amount of foul language that is heard on Xbox Live is outrageous. I will not deny that I do have my slips, but from others it is like a wildfire.I wouldn’t want my kids to hear all of that, and my mother wouldn’t either.Sorry Trixie, my vote goes to Major by saying it isnt meant for kids under 13.

  2. Not only was that discussion a good one, but hilarious as well! I don’t have a problem with the kids being under 13. But when they act like they’re 12 it in an adult environment it creates social problems. There is absolutly no excuse why I should see (or hear) 8 year olds running around in UC2 screaming obscenities and trying to fit in. I don’t have a problem with youngsters that can behave. In fact I have a few on my friends list. But if ANY of them lose it and show their immaturity to the point where it gets annoying, then they will be deleted, no question. That same rule applies to all my friends. This kinda leads down the road of age levels per game rating. I don’t expect to hear 9 year olds whining (or crying) when i’m playing Halo 2. That shouldn’t happen. And when I go see an "R" movie, I shouldn’t have to put up with 10 year olds kicking my seat or being noisy. Both of these cases are results of careless parenting, and/or a lack of supervision. But I seem to run into more of the underage people on live than in the movies. And what do they do? For the most part, they scream, bitch, moan, whine, scream, and scream some more. Youngsters have a big problem differentiating KB-Toys and Xbox Live. They treat the community as toys, not people. They see people on live as a potential audience for their own Numa-Numa rendition, of which I don’t want to hear. It all comes down to maturity and proper parenting. Either they got it, or don’t. But we as the community always end up paying the price.Word.-Josh (aka Mordeux)

  3. I’d say you were evenly matched, actually… which means the cute factor would make you the victor, Trixie – no offense to Maj of course :DBut I can answer your question as to why old people are so anti-kids and so irked by the lil doogie houser sounding types on Live, it’s pretty simple: older players hate getting their asses handed to them by ANYone, much less a younger crew. The fact that the competition is far younger than what their posted level is, just adds fuel to the fire… and the kids have the natural ability to gloat over a victory – adults are supposed to know better – which has let me to stockpile two "nuclear quality" Live comments: 1) whoa, yer a 14? Is that your age or your level? and 2) whoa, dude – did I just hear your Mom in the background, telling you to go to bed? (which I’ve actually HEARD through the headset a couple of times!). Both comments are kid-safe and just as taunting the stuff they’ve given me: makes ya play harder either way, which is good.

  4. stalemateWe need to put you guys in a padded cell with boxing gloves 🙂 and a webcam!

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