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As you know, we are premiering the our next generation gaming console on MTV on May 12th. Me and Maj were able to swing 5 passes for Xbox communty members to attend. You’ll be placed on our special VIP list to attend the event, see the new console and be a part of the broadcast!

Here are the details:

Event: The MTV world premiere broadcast of the next Xbox console.
Date: You must be available the first week of May…We’ll give you exact details if you win.
Time: TBD
Location: Los Angeles Area. Further details will be shared if you win.

If we pull your email out of all the email we receive….you’ll be placed on our personal list of 5 names!

That means you’ll get two tickets (one for you and one for your guest) to attend the event.

The rules? Simple…we are only providing tickets…you need to get yourself to the venue. You and your guest also must be over 18 with a photo ID to prove it.

How do I enter?

The only way to get in is by being chosen in the random drawing.

To enter the random drawing:

Send a plain text email to XBLPROG@XBOX.COM with the following information:

Your name, how long you have owned an Xbox , a valid email address where we can contact you, mailing address, phone number and your age. (over 18 only please!)

(no attachments or “Hello Kitty” stationary please…or else we won’t even look at it)

While you don’t need to be a Los Angeles resident to enter…you are responsible for getting yourself to/from the event if you are chosen.

How will I know if I won?
On Wednesday April 27th, we will do a random drawing from all entries received. We will then send the winners an email confirmation with additional details on how to pick up their tickets…so you must check your email sometime Wednesday night to see if you won.

What do you win?
You win TWO tickets (you and a guest) to the MTV show. You don’t win travel, or anything else…so it’s probably best if you are an LA area resident.

Here are some of the rules.

All emails must be received by Wednesday, April 27th 2005 by 11:59am PT to be eligible.

If you enter more then once, you’ll be disqualified. So only send ONE email.

We will contact you directly via email if you are chosen. You will not be hearing from us if you are not chosen. We can’t and won’t respond to the “did I win?” questions.

Prize is not exchangeable or transferable for any other prize or show. It’s this…or nothing.

We are not responsible for any issues with your email, our email…the forums or anything else that could cause you to whine. We are trying to do something cool here for our members, so let’s all be cool.

Regardless of how many Xbox consoles you have…you can only enter once.

Decision of the judges is final. After we choose the winners, we’ll destroy all the other email addresses…so don’t worry we won’t spam you.

Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Party with MTV in Los Angeles!

  1. Josh says:

    LMAO! Quote:"Things Trixie hates…MTVwha hoppen to the videos?";)

  2. MthdDirector says:

    I’ve got FIFTY-TWO Xbox consoles(!) – one for each of my cats. Does that mean I can enter this contenst fifty-t— <PUTTING GLASSES ON> oh dang. I guess not. Thanks anyway, Trixie.

  3. Matthew says:

    I was hoping, that being MTV is based in NYC, and NYC being NYC, that it would be there.But, I am bummed out that it is not.

  4. Christa says:

    Yeah, me too Glach. Not to be cliche, but I LOVE New York!

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