Race with Cafe Tacvba Tuesday night

Hey, don’t forget to jump onto Need for Speed Underground 2 on Tuesday evening from 6-8pm PDT/9-11pm EDT and play hot Latin band Cafe Tacvba. I’ll be onsite with the band taking pictures, etc.

Look for these Gamertags: cafetacuba, cafetacuba1, cafetacuba2, cafetacuba3. To make sure as many Xbox Live members get a chance to play as possible, we’d like to suggest that:

  • If your Gamertag begins with A–F, use cafetacuba.
  • If your Gamertag begins with G–L, use cafetacuba1.
  • If your Gamertag begins with M–R use cafetacuba2.
  • If your Gamertag begins with S–Z, use cafetacuba3.

If you get a chance to play, send me mail at xlmail@microsoft.com and let me know what happens. Don’t forget to include your Gamertag and hometown.

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