Off to Hell-Ay

Not that I’ve got anything against the City of Angels.

Check back this week for lots o’ news and photos from a buncha Xbox goodness from LA. Tuesday night is Game with Fame with Cafe Tacvba, Wednesday we’ve got our House of Blues New Found Glory sweeps winner (and his dad) flying in from Texas to party at the HOB with NFG, and we’ll have much more supercoolness to tell you about at the end of the week.

Ick, my flight’s at 7am. Where DID I put that Coppertone?


  1. Have fun, take pictures, be safe, hide the pigtails from the homeless people… you know the basics.

  2. Just watch youself. I dont want to hear stories of you getting hit on by some random weird dude, like at GDC.

  3. Those new pictures, do not look comfy at all. Those beds and that chair look…odd and uncomfortable.

  4. That blvd is the epicenter of weird dudes. Just wait until the sun goes down! That’s when the weird dudes turn into even weirder chicks πŸ™‚ Hey, that looks like the….(ohhhhhh maybe not such a good idea say the name of the hotel here). Yeah funky furniture. Is there a rug on the wall in the lobby? Just wondering. Rodeo is just about 2 miles to the west – i.e. *shopping* Gosh I haven’t been to that area for about 2 years and I live on the other side of the hill. Yeah but enough about me.If you stick around until Thursday you might see some rain πŸ™‚

  5. lol. No, don’t say the name of it. Or they’ll refuse me room service later. Meth, you should check out the New Found Glory show at House of Blues tomorrow night… a bunch of Xboxers will be there.

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