words about words

Game with Fame was fun tonight. The band are great guys… man do they love their racing games and their FIFA. Twelve lucky local fans won the chance to meet the guys and play Xbox with ’em through a local magazine and radio station. I was at a slight disadvantage cuz no hablo espanol (except the good cuss words), but the dudes were laid-back and friendly. I got an exclusive interview with keyboardist Manuel… so keep an eye out for that. Check out the pix over there —>

I did not eat all day. That makes me cranky. So I just stuffed a roomservice cheeseburger down my gullet, and now I feel better. Or I did until I calculated (yes, I did math!) that in this hostile–er, hotel–Diet Coke costs over 52 bucks a gallon. Should I switch to smack?

3 thoughts on “GWF, my tummy and the price of Diet Coke

  1. Matthew says:

    Can you divulge (right word?) the hotel’s name after you stay there.I’ll make sure I’ll never stay there. Those beds…not comfy at all.

  2. Josh says:

    Nah, don’t switch to smack. Here in two weeks I gotta put up with your shenanigans! 😛 Yeah, i said shenanigans.

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