A Cranky Start

My buddy Amber is SO done listening to me bitch, so you all are up next.

Last night I was at work until 9:30pm. Then I lost my debit card and searched for that and freaked out for a couple hours. Basically I had three hours of sleep.

I leave my apartment for the airport at 5am. Yes, that’s A.M. My flight’s delayed an hour, while out the window I see an airline monkey up on a ladder messing around under the wing with–I s**t you not–a power drill. Apparently all was not well. So they end up cancelling that flight and sticking me on another one. Which is then delayed an hour. I get to LA seven mind-numbing hours after I left home. AND, I was going to go see my mom (you didn’t think I had one, did you?) before checking into the hotel  but my schedule was all shot to hell!

So. I check into this artsy-fartsy semi-swank boutique hotel, which shall remain unnamed. The staff are dressed in these weird white t-shirt and khaki getups that for some reason make me think of Logan’s Run. Maybe because I want to run. Away.

My room, you ask? Because my friend O will be shacking up with me later, I have a double room. Twin beds, people. Skinny, hard as rock twin beds. I freaking HATE this hotel.

I have already divested the minibar of its two Diet Cokes. I am now eyeing the Budweiser. Bud; that’s how bad my day has been. I swear I would rather be in a Super 8 right now with a normal sized bed. At least they wouldn’t have this whole hipper-than-thou vibe that pisses me right off.

And you know what else about this fancy hotel? It’s not even that clean. There’s schmutz on the carpet and some foreign matter on the TV (which I ain’t touching). And TWO DC’s in the fridge? WTF? I need my elixer of life!

I promise to adjust my attitude before I go to LATV to hang with Cafe Tacvba this evening.

More later. End rant.


  1. hi this is bubble guts, i won the invite to that mtv thing but i got cant go because i have no ride and its too late because i have work and school so u can give the invite to someone else i’ll just watch it on the tv

  2. That’s a bummer. Who picked out your hotel? I’m staying at the Days Inn, I hope that’s not the one you’re talking about.

  3. sorry Trix, I wish I could have warned you about that little place. It’s not meant for real people.

  4. I was going to say if bubbles can’t make it I can. but nevermind, I think it would be too hard to drive down to la from pittsburgh, pa (if your willing to pay for my speeding tickets I can be there in 20 hours or so I got a supercharged 180mph vette.I would fly but only if I can get a flight for under 225, which I don’t know if its possible. Just joking with your trix. Also sorry to hear you can’t make it bubbles. =(. Trix be sure to look for me at e3, I’ll be the short bald dude that can’t see over the crowd.

  5. Sounds like my flight up to Syracuse for my recruiting trip.I get to Laguardia for a 4pm flight. First flight canceled (at about 4:30) I leave at about 6. Get to Syracuse at 7.Coming home, I was canceled yet AGAIN. I got on the plane at around 3pm, got to the airport for a 1pm flight. Got home around 5-530, was supposed to be home by about 3.1 thing I am not going to like about going to Syracuse University, flying up and down.I HATE US AIRWAYS.

  6. sweet pics Trixie, can I go to the next MTV event? How can I go I live in California but I am in school on th east coast now. Is it possible for me to go to the bexte event in Phialdelphia, New York, New Jersey, or I will be back in California on Memorial Day for the summer 🙂

  7. I wish I could go to MTV but I will be in LA next week, do you think I can go to E3, please Trixie? I am a huge xbox fan. I got a second job just to pay for my xbox games.

  8. Alfredo, here’s the thing about E3: It’s not open to the public. You have to be in the industry and must provide proof of that or the E3 guys won’t let you in. So I can’t help anyone out with that. Sorry 😦

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