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So yesterday, HOB dude Toby took me and our sweeps winner (16 year old David Bryan Portillo aka osrianXcrow) on a tour of the House of Blues. It was SUPER cool. Did you know that the dude who started the HOB, Isaac Tagret, also started the Hard Rock Cafe? The HOB, in fact has the largest collection of folk art in the world.

Toby took us up to the Foundation Room, which is a private club. Membership costs $5,000 per year, and some of the proceeds go to the International HOB Foundation, a charity. We got into secret places like the Ganesha Room, and the Confessional. I took a picture of our winner and his dad sitting at Dan Ackroyd’s table. Yes, this completely private deck table is reserved at all times exclusively for Mr. Conehead. If anyone wants to use it, the HOB’s gotta okay it with Elwood.

Later, David and his father plus local Xbox fans we’d sent tickets to: Marcos osrianXcrow Cruz, his girlfriend Sylvia, Frances Madrigal, her brother Alex, and a couiple of their friends all gathered in The Parish, one of the Foundation exclusive party rooms. There, they met the members of New Found Glory, got pictures and autographs and talked gaming. Alex and Jose even slipped drummer Cyrus the demo for their band Fringe, an alt rock group that will be playing the Roxy at the end of May.

New Found Glory were super cool guys. They asked me all about Xenon, and I told them that it’s un-freakin-believable and they gotta watch the MTV show next Thursday. Guitarist Chad (NFG Monster) hadn’t heard that the new Halo 2 maps had come out (hey, he’s been on tour) so he was stoked about that. Lead singer Jordan (NFG XXL nurps) told me, "I want to work at Xbox." I said, "Well I want to be a rock star, I’ll trade you." He agreed to swap, but luckily for the packed crowd (some of whom had been lined up since 2pm) Jordan was the one who took the stage. They were really cool, and big gamers, and they’re anxious to do Game with Fame again soon playing Halo 2.

P.S. Frances has a crush on Cyrus.

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