Gettin’ Ready for the big Show

Me and Maj and some of the other Xbox kids went down to the secret location where we are doing some MTV goodness later on. I’m meeting our LA area winners in about an hour, and we’ll hang out with them for awhile before going over to the show.

Maj and I will be covering the red (make that green) carpet, and the guest list will blow your mind. I just hope I don’t get nervous and puke on an Oscar winner.


  1. holy crap! sooooooo that’s where you are! A picture speaks a thousand words :)I’d take the Red Line to check it out, but I didn’t shave today so I wouldn’t pass as a celebrity. Besides, my boss thinks I’m working. Ha.think of it this way, if you miss the celebrity and puke on the green carpet, nobody will even notice 🙂

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