Freakiest. Thing. Ever.

Um. Me scared. The bastards at Xbox365 who sent me this link had better rock me to sleep from now on.

You’ve been warned.



  1. don’t worry trixie, i’ll lend you my rainbow brite night light so you won’t pee in your bed mmkay?

  2. Dang, I don’t think the corporate firewall will let me see it! Is that a plus, or a minus…?BTW Trixie, your green pants seem to be growing on this page. Yeah. Whenever I scroll down I get the subliminal sensation of being stepped on. But for some odd reason I keep coming back…

  3. my apologies – I meant to say your pants are "growing longer"no way not fat…although we might need to give you a new headset for the picture after next week, no?

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