E3 Winner Update

Yesterday I sent my winners Josh (Major Nelson & TriXie’s LA Sweepstakes) and Shawn (Xbox.com Apprentice) an email telling them where they’re staying and when I’ll pick them up at the airport. Josh responded by promising to point and laugh at me and my sign in LAX baggage claim. He also told me he’s bringing his Xbox along.

This morning I got an email from Shawn who informed me that he recently fell off a ladder and broke his jaw! "Bottom line is that I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world – broken jaw be damned!Ā  Since my mouth did have to be wired shut (Can you believe that!?) I won’t be able to eat solid foods or recite poetry with any accuracy.Ā  Haiku’s might be ok, though."

Luckily for my lackey–he’s a trooper, ain’t he?–most of the nourishment at E3 comes in liquid form.


  1. What a trooper. Sounds like he had a nasty fall. That said, if he were my lackey, I’d randomly offer him a piece of chewing gum throughout the week. šŸ˜‰

  2. Matt, next time i see you i’m pointing and laughing at you. šŸ˜› Since when was Jack and coke "nourishment"? LOL

  3. Yea yea Josh.Pointing and laughing just leads to me doing something else…to get even.Come on, help the man in need.

  4. Ok, now as far as the liquid nourishment goes, don’t let him get so drunk he pukes. (as in don’t let him be you..) If he does he will choke to death and that would suck. So bring wire clippers.

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