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Well, it’s back to the freakin’ City of Angels today…or the City of Fake Smiles, Fake Names, and Fake Boobs. This time at least I won’t be staying at the IKEA hotel, but due to E3 housing shortages I’ll be shacking up with O and S. It’ll be pretty crowded, and someone might get her hair pulled–when three chicks share one bathroom, look out!

Trying to cram six days worth of clothes into one carry on bag is a challenge. When I was at E3 two years ago I brought five pairs of shoes for four days. I’m attempting to pack smarter this time, but I need to bring my cowboy boots, plus I’ve got some swag for my E3 winners, so… like I said, it’s a challenge.

As long as my room is one of the few with Internet access I’ll be fine. Otherwise things could get ugly. Please don’t let someone smelly sit next to me on the plane. Or someone who hogs the armrest. Or someone who wants to converse with me.

Trix out



3 thoughts on “Goin’ back to Cali

  1. Aaron says:

    Have a safe and uneventful travels Miss TriXie. I am sure many people will keep your travels in their thoughts. Do not do anything too crazy at E3 like mooning the Sony booth. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    I realize that you mean well, and were just kidding, but there are lots more incredible people, than "fake" people living here in Los Angeles. Lots and lots of amazing folks with genuine smiles. Please don’t perpetuate shallow stereptypes about human beings.Have fun at E3.

  3. John Muehlbauer says:

    So how was the flight? Did you get a talker or a stalker?

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